Dan Hassan (Msc)

Open source developer, cooperator and digital innovation expert

blockades.org, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE, UK

On Being

I am a mix. A queer descendent of Indo-Guyanese indenture born in London, UK to an Irish West-coast mother and a Guyanese father. I am a migrant from a long line of migrants with heritage spanning four continents. I prioritise primary parenting and family life and aspire to nurturing the neighbourhood of relations around me.

On Praxis

I am a mix. My work draws from anti-colonial struggles, anti-racism practices, grass roots organising & free software philosophy. I am deeply committed to cooperative economics and cooperation as an anti-capitalist principle.

On Work

I am a mix. I hold an MSc in Advanced Computing Technologies with a specialism in Advanced Data Analytics. I am an entrepreneur, open source developer, investor and venture anarchist. I have most recently been embedded and organising within the blockchain, p2p dweb and privacy enhancing technology space. Before that I spent a decade in cooperative economic projects (though I never really left). I am currently an Edmund Hillary Fellow.

I traverse networks and connect interesting people working on hard problems with a key focus on amplifying grass roots organising towards social justice. I’ve built teams which have advanced the fields at the intersections of cryptography, p2p networks and informationally-secure secret sharing schemes. We’ve received highly prestigious and competitive funding from blockchain projects in China, the European Commission, the Ethereum Foundation, The Prototype Fund & Open Technology Fund.

I’ve worked in cooperatives for more than a decade and co-created the worlds first cooperative hedge fund. Further down the financial forest path, since being an early Bitcoin adopter I’ve been a lead investor for strange projects such as Economic Space Agency, Mattereum, Orchid & Polkadot (to name a few). I’ve also been active in redistributing financial flows from the blockchain ecosystem towards distributed peer-to-peer protocols such as Dat and Scuttlebutt.

Software Experience {software engineer, data analyst, sys-admin}

06/19 - now CTO & Founder, magmacollective.org a think and do tank working towards empowering people's relationships to the systems, economies and technologies that affect them.

01/15 - now Designer & Co-founder, public-office.info A collaborative research, design & development practice focusing on the intersection of physical and digital publishing.

03/17 - 06/19 CTO & Founder, blockades.org A critical research practice specialising in rapid experimentation, design & prototyping; working at the intersection[s] of autonomous co-operatives, big [enough] data analytics, blockchain research/development, new economic spaces, modular microservice architectures & the undercommons.

11/14 - 11/18 Consultant Engineer, dyne.org Resident consultant with the Dyne Think(&Do) Tank, advising on digital currency experiments to foster direct democracy across Europe.

02/15 - 02/16 Data Analyst & Co-Founder, Robin Hood Services Blockchain research, Data Analytics and Deep Value Exchange with other organisations and networks who have a need from new forms of finance.

11/14 - 11/16 Software Engineer & Co-Founder, Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative Robin Hood is an asset management cooperative which is creating new instruments and services of finance for cooperative membership

05/14 - 08/14 Full-stack Web Developer, We Got Coders Completed a three month immersive Full Stack Web Development training programme specialising in Ruby, focusing on Industry training and making open source contributions.

01/09 - 05/14 Web Developer, Sun Digital Design Cooperative Building and hosting simple content management systems for various SME’s, academics, community groups and individuals.

01/09 - 05/14 Systems Administrator, LeftBridge Workers Cooperative Administering servers. Providing hosting for community and commercial projects.

01/07 - 01/09 Printmaker & Digital Designer, Footprint Workers Cooperative Risographic printer of DIY zines and small publications for activists, individuals, grass roots organisations and other third sector entities. Digital design of simple websites.

Governance Experience {advisory board, board member, foundations, funding council}

06/18 - now Council Member, SSBC Handshake Council

01/17 - now Advisory Board, Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium

01/17 - now Founding Member, Bank of the Commons

06/16 - 01/18 Foundation Member, Interplanetary Database Foundation

01/16 - now Strange Attractor, Economic Space Agency

09/15 - now Board Member, Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative

01/07 - 01/09 Director, Footprint Workers Cooperative

01/07 - 01/09 Financial Admin, Rootstock Investment Cooperative

Research Experience {research & development, analyst}

01/19 - now cobox.cloud

09/17 - now Dark Crystal

01/16 - now Economic Space Agency

01/14 - 01/15 D-CENT

Research Interests

privacy, encryption, cooperative economics, value flows, alchemy, p2p, distributed web, blockchain.

Grants Received

03/21 - now The Prototype Fund, €50k EUR

04/20 - 09/20 Ledger EU: Business Accelerator, €50k EUR

03/20 - 03/21 Open Technology Fund, ~$160k USD

07/19 - 03/20 The Prototype Fund, €50k EUR

07/19 - 04/20 Ledger EU, €150k EUR

09/18 - now SSBC Handshake Council, $100k USD

09/18 - 03/19 Ethereum Foundation, $50k USD

01/19 - 06/19 Gitcoin, $20k USD

01/16 - 09/17 Bitpie, $100k USD


09/14 - 09/16 MSc Advanced Computing Technologies, University of London Birkbeck College

05/14 - 08/14 Full Stack Web Development Training, We Got Coders

05/10 - 06/11 Linux Network & Systems Administration, City London University

01/11 - 04/11 Linux Administration Course, Aktivix & Tachanka

09/07 - 09/08 Permaculture Designers Diploma, UK Permaculture Association Full Permaculture Design Course with High Distinction.

09/06 - 09/07 Modern Chinese Language Diploma, University of Leeds

09/03 - 08/05 Chinese Diploma, Shandong University of Science and Technology

2001-2003 A-levels, Woodhouse College

1997-2001 GCSE’s, St Ignatius College

Awards & Residencies

2019 - 2022 Edmund Hillary Fellow

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) is a global community of high-impact entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers, collaboratively building new paradigm solutions to global challenges from Aotearoa New Zealand.

2019 Simply Secure Design Residency: Underexposed Fellow

Fellows from around the world spent one week with the Simply Secure team focused on a project that they proposed. Together, the cohort used the residency to workshop their specific design challenge. Over the week they had time for user research, independent work, lectures, critical discussions, design critiques and office hours with leaders in the field.



2017 MSc Thesis: Beyond Cryptocurrency: Social and Cultural Uses of the Blockchain

Selected Writings

2019 Simply Secure Blog: Underexposed Reflection Dark Crystal

2017 - now Secure Scuttlebutt I have alot of writing on ssb about accessibility and diversity within the distributed web.

2015 Stir To Action: Robin Hood Coop

Selected Talks

2019 Underexposed Design Residency: Presentations @ Mozilla - Simply Secure

2018 Sean Dockray and Public Office: Para-nodes - Liquid Architecture

2018 Scuttlebutt - The decentralized P2P gossip protocol - Chaos Computer Congress (Featured)

2018 Scuttlebutt and a Decentralized Future - Radical Networks (Featured)

2016 Keiser report: Greek Tragedies in Fracking Sector (E887)

2015 Blockchain Workshops Sydney: Current App’s of Blockchain Technologies in the Financial Sector Panel

2015 [Humans of Loomio] Diverting Funds from Wall St to the Commons - Robin Hood Co-op

2015 Blockchain Workshops London: From Financial Exclusion to Inclusion Panel

2015 Coinscrum & Proof of Work London

2015 Keiser report: Debtism vs Capitalsm (E736)

Selected Podcasts

2019 Dark Crystal Diaries with Cory Doctorow

2018 #causeascene Podcast

2017 Steal This Show Podcast